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Welcome to VoIP for Business

Our vision is simple: telephony integration and 1p/min telephone calls.

Recent advances in technology, has made it possible to make phone calls over the internet, and has reduced the cost of calls dramatically. Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technical jargon for the underlying technology. VoIP allows voice conversations to be carried out as data packets over the Internet in real time.

At Kinitron, we developed our VoIP products with the help from the Department of Computing at Imperial College, and support from London Innovation, which is part of the London Development Agency.

Based on the industry standards for VoIP such as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), handsets and components from established manufacturers, Kinitron is able to offer complete business phone systems while offering significant cost reductions compared with traditional business phones and company switchboards.

Business phones are an integral part of the business processes of the company, both within the organisation and in the interaction with the customers and suppliers. Kinitron integrates the telephone calls with the IT infrastructure and applications of the company.

Most importantly, we believe phone calls should be affordable. Telephone calls for 1p per minute to any landline or mobile on the planet are within the realm of possibility before the end of our decade.

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VoIP, Internet Telephony, Voice over IP

VoIP, Internet Telephony, Voice over IP
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