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VoIP for Business: Q & A

(straight Questions & straight Answers)

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Are you fed up with paying large phone bills?
How good is 1p per minute to any landline in the UK, Western Europe, North America and many other international destinations at any time of the day? What about 1p for minimum (connection) charge?
Kinitron can reduce your phone bill dramatically. Depending on the calls mix, phone bills can be reduced by 2 - 8 times.

Are you paying over the odds for your current phone system?
Many traditional telecoms companies charge vast amounts of money to install and to maintain a central switchboard. Adding an extra phone often costs an arm and a leg.
A fully installed Kinitron phone system costs less than half the installation maintenance cost of traditional phone systems.

Are you a small business that wants to look like a big company?
Big business needs all the functionality of high-end traditional phone systems, such as welcome messages, voice mail for each person and audio conferencing facilities for multiple people. However, smaller companies can rarely afford these systems.
Kinitron can deliver all of the high end, big business functionality at a realistic small business cost. A single phone is only needed to make a start.

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