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VoIP for Business: Q & A

(straight Questions & straight Answers)

Does your business operate from multiple sites?
A phone system that spans multiple offices in different geographical locations has always been the preserve of big business. Now Kinitron can offer these features to your business. Kinitron's phone system can provide a central switchboard for all of your regional, national and even international offices with a single switchboard number. e.g 020 7043 8438, any other UK area code, 0845 or 0870 telephone number.
Kinitron can bridge the geographical divide seamlessly and at no additional cost.

Do your employees need to work from home? Could tele-working and flexi-working expand the possibilities for your business?
Allowing employees to work from home can be good for business and morale, but it can have it's own disadvantages. Taking calls at home has long been a barrier to truly integrated home working. The Kinitron phone system allows you to take all of your office calls on your office extension at home, at no additional cost. Kinitron's mobility services complement the phone systems, allowing employees to work from home without impact on business performance or customer service.
Kinitron telephony systems allow you to be in the office, at home.

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